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Cleaning & Repairing/Restoration rugs, some as old as 700 years

Toronto Persian , Antique, Area Rug Clean Rug Toronto

Rug Cleaning

Specializing in personalized, attentive service and Rug Cleaning in Toronto (Persian, Antique and Oriental Rugs) sponsored by decades of experience.We hand wash your precious rugs safely. Free pick up and delivery in Toronto and all over GTA. We Pick up your rug from anywhere in Toronto, GTA and other surrounding cities in Ontario. more....

Toronto Persian, Antique Rug Repair/Restoration Toronto

Rug Repair

Precious persian rugs, antique rugs, oriental rugs and other woven tapestries and rug repair in Toronto. We are the master of antique rug repair/restoration.

We provide Rug Repair in Toronto. We repair your carpet without loss of more....

Toronto Rug appraisal for insurance

Rug appraisal

Royal Antique Rugs is highly qualified in appraising antique rugs for insurance purposes and estate evaluations. Our professional appraisers in Toronto and all over GTA can help you with apprizing your rugs. more....

Toronto Buy & Sell Rugs in Toronto - GTA

Buy & Sell Rug

We specialize in buying and selling Persian Rug, Oriental Rug and Antique Area Rugs. Visit our show room at our location in Toronto at 270 Eglinton Avenue West to purchase your dream more....

Persian and Oriental Rug Cleaning in Toronto - GTA and surrounding cities in Ontario

Specializing in personalized, attentive service and Rug Cleaning in Toronto and restoration sponsored by decades of experience cleaning and repairing Persian and Oriental Area Rugs.

Your carpet antique carpet cleaning by the Royal possible to draw offers distinct advantages. Each rug is carefully washed by hand to ensure a thorough job is three.In addition, we use only natural shampoos and eco-friendly products. We are specialized in their own proprietary technology, safely remove stubborn pet urine. Carpet stain remover specially formulated Oriental rug in the enzyme all pet-soiled areas and stains, and with handles removed all urine odor is used to.

In addition, we are safe, nail polish, furniture stains, candle wax and other stubborn stains to remove lipstick. Rug Cleaning in Toronto will be completed in a timely and complete satisfaction. We also examine the need for repair, carpet, and you can not notice Please note that damage or problems.

Our mission is to use traditional techniques with best results. Read more....

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Persian and Oriental Rug Repair in Toronto - GTA and surrounding cities in Ontario

Precious persian, oriental rugs and other woven tapestries of the restoration and rug repair in Toronto needs expertise, we are the master of the Royal antique rugs, carpets, including rug repairs. "We are often fragile, antique rugs and tapestries and works," says owner David Lotfi. References in galleries and museums, we specialize in restoring credentials.

Royal Antique Rugs provides Rug Repair in Toronto.   We repair your carpet without loss of value restored to its original splendor, make sure that the lugs provided. In fact, the restoration of your oriental rugs to increase its long-term value. It is a beautiful state of the original in order to repair a damaged oriental rug takes highly skilled professionals. The greatest interest in the treatment of some hand-knotted carpets should be taken. Our rug repair restoration technology, the damaged areas and attractions reweaving bald repair tears and holes, water, rot and moth damage and loss processing design, Fringes, selvages, and will include the restoration of the binding.

Antique rugs and yarn dyeing process to recover the kind of science is. We are all hues of the dyed wool has the ability to produce. Antique rugs your exact color and type of care _ vegetable dyes, chemicals or permanent is a check for. Only then can an appropriate dye is applied to wool.

Your treasure of antique rugs or other fabrics with a picture of, we need you to provide feedback on restoring. So, we sent an item to, and we evaluate the exact restoration requirements, and price for you and estimated time required to complete the task to provide a quote.  We are your source for rug repair in Toronto. Read more...


We specialize in Persian & Oriental Rug Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning. We do Persian Rug Cleaning; provide the greater Toronto area with Quality Area Rug Cleaning. We clean & repair all type of area rugs, wool & silk ranging from Persian & oriental to modern European tapestries as well as new & old rugs. We do hand washing antiques and old rugs. Call us today to schedule a free, no obligation, in home consultation. Contact us to ask any question you have.

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